Our Story

"Acoustic treatment panels are one of the best investments you can make to improve sound quality in your studio, home theatre, or office."

My name is Craig, owner of FixAcoustics. I spend my time designing and building acoustic absorption panels for recording studios, home theatres and offices! I take great pleasure in seeing projects completed to your satisfaction! At FixAcoustics, we build modern acoustic panels for walls and ceilings to improve sound quality in your room.

Acoustic panels absorb low, medium and high frequencies with great efficiency! Popular across the world in recording studios, theatres and offices. Also popular in home studios, home offices, rehearsal rooms and many more.

Struggling with room acoustics? Suffering with noisy echo and reverb?

Our acoustic panels absorb sound reflections to eliminate echo and reverb. 

Improved acoustics = Improved sound quality and balance

We created FixAcoustics panels because we believe professional acoustic panels should be available for everybody... without the premium price-tag!

Shocked by competitor's quotes for acoustic treatment? Try FixAcoustics today.

Our acoustic panels use only the best soundproofing insulation and acoustically-tested fabrics from UK suppliers.

This means can support large orders, without shortages, and without delays throughout the year.

We know many of your projects will have critical deadlines, we offer fast and efficient processing and shipping times to help deliver your project in-time. 

Invest in your studio; Invest in acoustics. 

--FixAcoustics Team